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Hair transplant

We are convinced of our work. That is why we offer you a 15-year guarantee on the ...

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Beard hair transplant

In the past, men with a beard were often described as unkempt, today it is impossible to imagine life without it ...

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PRP Behandlung

PRP treatment

If the hair loss is still in the early stages, you should consider a PRP treatment ...

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About us

Estefirst, 7 attributes that we use in our applications and Integrate services: Since 2008, Este-First has exclusively performed and offered hair transplants Hair treatments. Hair transplants are im most prestigious and one of the best hospitals in Turkey carried out. In order to offer our patients a pleasant experience, we provide a counseling service before and after the hair transplant and a relaxation area is available. All medical equipment that used in hair transplants and other treatments are single-use items ....

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Estefirst is the expert for your hair


Hair loss is very common worldwide and can occur in both women and men also occur in men. Often those affected suffer very badly your turn. Often, various means are used, but which are not help desired success or even with undesired Side effects are associated. Often times the patient can with a hair transplant in Turkey will be helped, which is often with is accompanied by a concrete increase in self-confidence. Estefirst has been known for years for excellence in the field of Hair transplant in Turkey.


  • DHI Hair Transplants
  • Beard Hair Transplants
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant
  • PRP Treatment
  • FUE & FUT Technology
  • Sapphire Technology

Hair transplant at Estefirst

Hair transplant in Turkey could be considered a permanent solution for Called hair loss. The hair transplant surgery could can be described as a micro-operation that takes place in a Running in hospital environment. The term microsurgery in The hair transplant refers to an operation that does the Hair transplant with little medical intervention completed. Hair transplant surgery is an effective and permanent one Medically known solution for people suffering from hair loss as "Androgenetic Alopecia". Apart from that, people can with scars or those due to other hair diseases Suffering from hair loss, perform this surgery with ease permit.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method

Estefirst specializes in the field of individual hair therapy. During this treatment, our hair surgeons remove individual hairs follicular units, examine the hair roots for possible Damage and transplant only the fully functional roots individually into the scalp. There is no cut and therefore is also no seam required. We are capable of so many Inserting grafts as possible in one session - what You will hardly find anywhere else.

Hair transplant Turkey - Istanbul

Your first step to full and beautiful hair Hair loss is a mass phenomenon and affects men and women alike. Men are mostly affected by up to 80 percent hair loss or even baldness. Women, on the other hand, tend to have light hair. Estefirst in Istanbul / Turkey offers all genders optimal advice on their hair problem. Call now and get advice free of charge and without obligation. The hair experts in Istanbul / Turkey will give you comprehensive and competent advice on the subject of hair transplants, receding hairlines, tonsure & Co. The experts there will show you ways of solving this problem with a hair transplant in Turkey.

In Turkey, for example, you can learn more about hair transplantation techniques and hair transplantation using the FUT or FUE method. This is the most modern way to produce natural results and lifelong hair growth. The Estefirst hair transplant in Turkey uses these methods to remove areas from the thickly overgrown hair on the back of the head, examine them for possible damage and then transplant them as prepared grafts (follicular units) to the bald areas. The difference between the two methods is that with FUT a whole strip of hair is removed, while with FUE individual hair pieces are removed.

FUE Sapphire Method

The specialty of the FUE sapphire method is the opening of the channels. Unlike the conventional FUE, you use it highly developed successor no longer blades made of steel, but Sapphire blades. Sapphire is a hard mineral, with which particularly filigree blades can be produced. The transplant with sapphire works when the grafts are inserted the innovative V-shaped incision narrower channels in the Scalp free. This creates narrower channels that a Keep the risk of injury lower. Because of their excellent growth of more than 90 percent Saphir FUE hair transplantation is very popular with patients.

Free, non-binding Advice on Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women and has an extraordinary impact on the well-being of those affected strong. Every year the number of treatments increases in the area of Hair surgery. Clarify which procedure makes the most sense for you we together with you. Advice on hair transplantation takes place in Turkey in Istanbul for free and without obligation. she After the consultation, you are completely free to decide whether you want one Decide hair transplant at Estefirst in Turkey in Istanbul. Of course, a cooling off period is also possible in order to answer all questions for hair transplantation in Turkey in peace and quiet at home To clarify living room. Estefirst experts are at your disposal in any case, no matter how you decide.

Hair Transplant in Turkey at Estefirst in Istanbul

If you would like to have your own hair transplant, you can You can rely on Estefirst for comprehensive service. we also give you useful tips on how to look after the Hair transplant should behave in order to achieve optimal growth of the transplanted hair. Would you like again full beautiful hair, then arrange a consultation Hair transplant in Turkey at Estefirst in Istanbul and make Take the first step. Take advantage of the offer and make an agreement an appointment with our hair experts. Call us or use The contact form. The Estefirst team in Turkey is delighted focus on you!

Estefirst offers professional Hair Transplants for hair loss

Hair loss is not an individual fate. Around ten suffer in Germany Millions of men suffer from hair loss and about one in three women is the same affected by it. In our society, what counts is full, strong Hair as an ideal of beauty. A hair transplant gives that Affected the possibility of aesthetic, permanently growing Hair.

Using the most modern treatment methods at Hair loss as well as by a highly qualified team of For hair professionals, Estefirst is the go-to place for you a hair thickening and hair transplant in Turkey in Istabul. The many years of experience of our Estefirst team in the Above all, Turkey is characterized by the quality of every intervention.


Customer opinions


Our Treatments

Many people affected by hair loss want to actively counteract the problem and therefore often opt for a professional hair transplant. Of course, there are several hair loss treatments to choose from that can stop hair loss. Depending on the individual hair appearance, our team of specialists will decide which method is best for you.


FUE Hair Transplant

We are convinced of our work. That is why we offer you a 15-year guarantee on the hair transplanted by us. If the hair has already fallen out to such an extent that you can see bald spots on the scalp, the only thing that can help is a hair transplant as a treatment against hair loss ...

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Beard Hair Transplant

In the past, men with beards were often described as neglected, today it is impossible to imagine life without them. Many men want a strong beard growth, but not all are blessed with the necessary requirements ...

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Eyebrow Transplant

Many women pluck their eyebrows when they are young, which has serious consequences later on. At some point the eyebrows no longer grow back and only (permanent) make-up helps ...

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Dental Care

PRP Treatment

If the hair loss is still in the early stages, you should consider a PRP treatment. In this treatment method, your blood is centrifuged with vitamins and injected into your scalp. This ensures that the hair roots are strengthened ...

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Hair Transplantation in Women

In the past, men with a beard were often described as unkempt, today it is impossible to imagine life without it. Many men want a strong beard growth, but not all are blessed with the necessary requirements ...

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Artificial Hair Transplant

Another hair loss treatment is artificial hair transplantation. If the hair loss is so advanced that there is not enough head hair even in the donor area, treatment with synthetic hair is an option ...

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Hair Transplant at Estefirst in Turkey: FUE Method and FUT Method

In addition to the FUE method, we also offer the FUT method. here becomes a fine, hairy strip of skin from the densely hairy The hairline removed from the back of the head. The individual grafts will taken from this strip of skin and then with Fine surgical agents used in the scalp to make a natural one Restore hairline.

Hair growth disorders and hair loss can be caused by the different factors are caused: genetic Predisposition, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, Lack of nutrients, stress, or infection. There are also more than 20 Diseases that can cause hair loss. To get here quickly with Being able to begin appropriate therapy is an accurate one Diagnosing hair loss for successful treatment essential.

Possible Risks of a Hair Transplant

Like any surgical procedure, too hair transplantation has certain risks. To the general Risks include problematic wound healing with possible ones Inflammation or excessive scarring. It can also happen that the treatment just doesn't produce the desired results achieved. With the Estefirst method, however, this is extremely rarely the case Case because the hair roots do not lose their genetic information and thus continue to grow for a lifetime.

What does a Hair Transplant cost and how is it going at Estefirst in Turkey from?

This question is asked very often. In general we can answer this question not answer because the cost of a hair transplant is up as individual as the patients themselves: decisive factors are the selected surgical technique, as well as the size of the to transplanted skin areas. We attach great importance to that Wishes, hopes and expectations of our patients. why does the patient want a hair transplant? What are his Driving reasons? In case he has any worries or concerns about the Has surgery, he should be able to ask them without hesitation. In the next phase we go to the different Treatment methods that we use in our clinic in Turkey Istanbul offer. It is important to us to have a solid Build a relationship of trust with the patient. the Treatment method that we most often use in Turkey, is determined by the density of the hair on the back of the head. as the most common method is the FUT method. This is done under local Initially anesthetized a strip at one point on the head taken that is hairy. The next process will be on the places on the scalp where hair should grow, ducts set. The previously removed canals are now placed in these channels Hair units positioned. If the hair on the back of the head does are very thin, we first remove individual hairs from it Region and dissect them with microsurgical instruments.

How long does a Hair Transplant take at Estefirst in the Turkey?

The duration of treatment depends on the size of the area that is to be transplanted and can take anywhere from three to nine Take hours. With the somewhat complex FUE method, the Treatment can take a day or two. After the wound healing phase, the transplanted ones will grow Hair roots look for healthy hair. They can then blow dry cut, permed or colored. There is no Difference between the non-transplanted hair and the transplanted hair.